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remember when Liam was so stressed bc he ruined a girls innocence





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If I’m your tumblr crush send me a “hey fuck face”

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Zayn + Boots - 9.28.14 (x)

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# one of my favorite things about this is how louis is just lounging in the bed so casually # and he looks so happy and comfortable # like this is a normal routine for them # he sits and waits patiently for harry to get his hair and makeup done and harry will do the same for him # except for sometime louis will sit where harry can see him and he’ll make funny faces # or rude hand gestures # and harry will laugh and lou will scold the both of them # 'louis tomlinson if you don't calm down i'll end up cutting off too many of your boyfriends curls' # and so louis will immediately settle back into the bed that he and harry slept in the night before # and just enjoy watching harry without any restrictions


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  • Me on my wedding day: you still like me right
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