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i fucking hate how i get attached so easily like i don’t understand. i meet someone new, find interest and BAM it’s like i can’t stop thinking about it. this needs to fucking stop

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Before u make fun of someone’s foreign accent, take some time to think about how they speak more languages than u and how u are a failure

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Kylie: “2 brunettes X 2 blondes”

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shout out to everybody who has school soon

i believe in you

you will be excellent this year

and if you’re not that’s ok too it doesn’t mean you’re not smart

just remember to take care of yourself because your mental health is more important than your grades ok?

group hug ily all

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“Do you ever just crave someone’s presence? like you would literally be happy just sitting next to them & it could be completely silent.” — Unknown   (via msbanshee)

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The kingdom searched and searched, but they could not find the princess, for deep within the forest, in a hidden tower, Gothel raised the child as her own. Gothel had found her new magic flower, and this time, she was determined to keep it hidden. But the walls of that tower could not hide everything. Each year on her birthday, the king and queen released thousands of lanterns into the sky in the hope that one day, their lost princess would return.
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